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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that employees can voice concerns about major wrongdoings and malpractice within ALTEN without fear of retaliation. Employees who suspect illegal conduct or wrongdoings of public interest are encouraged to disclose their concerns and can do so anonymously

Anyone employed, candidates, interns, consultants, volunteers, and those involved or previously involved in a work-related relationship with ALTEN are defined as “employees” in this policy. Also, persons who previously had a work-related relation to ALTEN are included.

The Policy will be summarized below and can be found in its entirety on the bottom of this page.

When Can the Whistleblowing Service be Used?

The internal reporting channel (whistleblowing service) allows any employee to report the following suspicions in any work-related situation:

  • Illegal conduct (not only formalia)
  • Wrongdoings of public interest

How to Report

If an employee suspects illegal anomaly or wrongdoings of public interest, there are two ways to report it:

Option 1

Employees can choose to report a case anonymously through our external supplier Whistleblowing Solutions AB’s report channel. Both Swedish and English are available on this channel.

When a case is reported anonymously the employee is never requested to reveal their identity. Reports and conversations with the reporting employee are encrypted and password protected.After the case has been registered, the employee can log in to the website to answer any follow-up questions or examine any comments from the case officer. The employee must save the case and verification number issued when the case is registered since all communication will go through the website.

Option 2

Report the case to the legal manager directly. E-mail, phone, or a scheduled meeting can all be used to report.

Contact Information:

Phone : +46 (0)10-174 82 14, Mon-Thu 9 – 10 am

No matter which reporting option chosen, it is critical that the employee reporting is honest and sincere. An employee may not report a case with the aim to defraud or with knowing that the case is fraudulent.

Information About the Process of Investigation

Only the whistleblowing unit has access to the cases that has been reported through the website. The whistleblowing unit consists of Khatereh Razazi (responsible for the unit) and one other member of the legal department. All members in the whistleblowing unit are bound by secrecy which ensures a safe and confidential management of the cases.

If needed, the whistleblowing unit can add people to the investigation if there is need for more information or any expertise in the area. The added people will also be bound by secrecy.

The Reporting Employee’s Protection

A reporting employee who expresses a genuine fear or suspicion within this policy shall not risk losing the employment or to be affected by any form of sanctions or personal disadvantages, no matter if the suspicion turns out to be wrong, if the employee reported the case in good faith. The protection against sanctions from the employer is regulated by law.

The reporting employee’s identity will be treated confidentially and will not be distributed to a third party unauthorized or to the person who is reported.

In cases of a suspected crime the reporting employee will be informed that their identity may be disclosed during court proceedings.

Information to the Reporting Employee

If the reporting employee has chosen to remain anonymous, the unit can ask follow-up questions and interact with him or her through the whistleblowing channel. To do so, the reporting employee must log in to the whistleblowing website on a regular basis, this is the only area where the messages will be accessible.

The Whistleblowing Policy

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