Life Sciences



Over the past 15 years, we have become an important partner in Life Sciences, always ensuring scalability, quality and flexibility. We work with large companies, start-ups as well as medium-sized CDMO, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. ALTEN delivers high quality services, from engineering for R&D and production facilities, through supporting manufacturing processes and technologies, to ensuring compliance throughout the value chain. 

Our experts possess a wide range of skills that contribute to safe and efficient delivery to our customers, but above all it’s about making a difference to the end user. 


Service Areas


We possess knowledge throughout the value chain, from production, facilities, quality, supply chain and packaging, to labelling and visual inspection. We provide end-to-end customized manufacturing and support operational excellence and transformation towards Manufacturing 4.0. 

  • Manufacturing ( Production, Packaging) 
  • Supply Chain, Logistics and Purchasing 
  • Software
  • Manufacturing 4.0 
  • Lean 6 sigma and Continuous Improvement 

ALTEN is a leading force in advanced technology and equipment for any facility, like laboratory, production, utilities, etc. We guarantee asset availability and efficiency, carrying out installation, maintenance, validation and qualification. 

We create, operate and streamline projects and programs, ensuring adequate change management. 

  • R&D
  • Tech Transfer, NPI, NPD 
  • Engineering (Maintenance & Commissioning) 
  • Validation (Qualification & Validation, CSV, V&V) 
  • Engineering 4.0 
  • PMO, PM, Change Management 

Pharmaceuticals, medical treatments, and devices have a life-changing impact on patients, which is why Life Sciences is one of the most regulated industries.  

Our experts have comprehensive skills and experience in quality and regulatory compliance related matters. With ISO, FDA, EMA , cGxP and ICH we manage all the regulations and guidance. Also, we provide support operations, systems and transformation projects, guaranteeing compliance and adequate risk management.  

  • Quality Assurance 
  • Quality Control 
  • Regulatory Affairs 
  • Quality 4.0 

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