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We are one of Europe’s largest technology and IT consulting companies with over 45,000 employees in over 30 countries and collaborations with Europe’s leading companies throughout the entire development chain.

As a global player, we can benefit from our overall technical experience and resources and take on large and complex assignments, wherever in the world the needs arise. As a local player, we have the opportunity to work close to our customers. Something that is also a prerequisite for being able to deliver competitive solutions at the forefront of development.


We are convinced that true commitment is created by the opportunity to work with what you love and is passionate about. Our focus is thereby to turn each individual’s dreams into realityThis enables us to offer the most committed consultants on the market.

We have a burning passion for engineering and IT and strives to promote young people to choose an education within the area. At ALTEN, we have a strong belief in equality and diversity within the engineering and IT sector – thus contributing to an innovative work environment and development of the society in a positive direction. As a consultant at ALTEN you get to develop yourself and the technology of the future!

ALTEN is awarded as “Career Company 2023”

It is with great pleasure we conclude that ALTEN, for the fourth year in a row, has been selected as a Career Company 2023. The quality of the employers who made it to the final stage of the selection was significantly higher than before, which makes us particularly proud of the announcement.


Read more about the award here!


Career company 2023


ALTEN is in top 10 when students voted for the most attractive and exciting employer within IT!

When “Karriärföretagen” arranged a voting for IT-students in Sweden, ALTEN ended up as top 10 of the most attractive employers. We are very proud and happy of our honorable 6th place and to be a company where our employees can fulfil their career dreams!


Thanks to close and strategic relationships to many of the leading companies in Europe, we offer our employees exceptional opportunities to move and develop in different sectors, competence areas and geography. At ALTEN, you are the driver and your coaching manager is the map reader to help you get where you want.

Are your curious about our current job offers or do you want to read more about our culture or get to know some of our committed colleagues?