ALTEN Culture

We believe in growing together

We believe in growing together by offering development, opportunities and togetherness.
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Our goal is to maintain a work environment where our employees can develop, both personally and professionally. We also believe that our employees develop each other. Our leaders have the right competence and tools for a successful coaching leadership, where every potential of each individual is valued and taken into account.

As well as developing in your role or assignment, we offer our employees the opportunity to continuous education. ALTEN Academy is our internal educational organization which provides work related courses which develop the employee’s professional competence, as well as inspiring courses for the personal development.

The work climate of ALTEN pervades the whole business and aims to give all the employees the best possible conditions to develop and do their job, while feeling comfortable with ALTEN as their employer, without there being a risk for bad health or casualties. Securing a safe and fair work environment for our employees is crucial to maintain a sustainable business where the employees can grow and deliver, both personally and professionally.

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We create opportunities for you to build your own career and to work with what you are truly passionate about.

Our clients are active within several different sectors which creates opportunities for you to build your own career and enables you to work with what you are passionate about. Due to us offering competence throughout the whole line of the production development, there are exceptional opportunities to broaden your competence. ALTEN Group’s extensive global presence also provides opportunity for an international career.

Intereste in an international career? ALTEN offer exciting opportunities in over 30 countries! 

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It is our full conviction that to be able to do a really good job, it is important that you enjoy your workplace and have fun together with your colleagues.

At ALTEN there are plenty of opportunities to come together and do what you enjoy. Our committed employees frequently arrange activities, and you can do everything from graffiti to laser doom and escape room or just meet up for an after work. Within ALTEN Sports, you can book slots in different sports halls to play football, indoor hockey, squash, tennis etc. Through our different internal networks you are also able to immerse yourself in subjects and issues you are passionate about.


Inspiration, entertainment, togetherness, laughter and dance together with 900 colleagues under the same roof! ALTEN Day was 2020 held in Eriksbergshallen in Gothenburg. Besides taking part in some of our employees’ exciting assignments, we also managed to arrange the largest workshop ever in ALTEN’s history, when we, in collaboration with Engineers without Borders, brainstormed solutions for real ongoing projects in poverty stricken areas in Tanzania and Nepal. By the end of the event Kodjo Akolor with his fantastic humor entertained us so we got in the right mood before the evening’s festivities with a superhero theme!



We have a burning passion for being a part of the development of the future technology while we at the same time have a strong focus on contributing to an including, equal and sustainable society.

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