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Alten develops and delivers IT and engineering expertise to world-leading companies. As a global player with a local presence we are flexible and able to adapt to the needs of each individual customer. What can we do for you?

Package Solutions

With the broad portfolio of services that ALTEN offers we can tailor work package commitments for the full range of areas within product development, from conception to completion.


ALTEN is a complete educational supplier with many years’ experience of developing and offering a wide range of educational and training courses and seminars.

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Join us when we expand within IT

We can now proudly announce that ALTEN Sweden is further growing within IT as a result of a national investment!

National contract – supplier for AstraZeneca

ALTEN Sweden wins national contract and becomes supplier for AstraZeneca

The technology


• Strong 13.5% increase in revenue • Strong international growth: +23.2% • 10 acquisitions completed in 2016 (incl. 9 outside [...]

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