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Environment, Health and Safety

Anticipate transformations within your company by improving performance in health, safety, environment, and sustainability 

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In the current economic context, Environment, Health and Safety management is no longer an option but a requirement for companies.  

ALTEN has built a dedicated Environment, Health and Safety offer to support its customers in managing their risks and dealing with regulatory, human, climate and reputation stakes. We support all types of organisations in their approaches to sustainability, regulatory compliance and, more broadly, performance improvement. 

Towards an adapted and agile solution for future EHS developments 

The various international regulations on employee health and safety have greatly contributed to making this topic a strategic necessity. The need to shift production and consumption models towards sustainable development also amplifies this phenomenon. In addition, employees and end customers are both increasingly sensitive to ethical and environmental commitments. Companies must take these concerns into consideration to remain competitive.  

 Reconciling these numerous regulatory changes with business performance imperatives often requires significant awareness-raising and change management measures. ALTEN offers you its technical and agile expertise to help you identify, implement, and monitor the best solutions to solve your current and future problems.  

Deploy – Control – Improve – Anticipate

Our expertise

 Management systems & EHS regulatory monitoring and compliance

Achieve, maintain certifications and ensure the organisation complies with regulations 

Our customers’ operational performance requires an EHS management system that complies with the regulations in force. ALTEN leverages its expertise (ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO50001, ISO26000, etc.) to support its customers in three areas:  

  • Identify hazards and control risks for different activities  
  • Improve environmental performance  
  • Adopt a responsible approach that meets sustainability challenges   

Perform maintenance on the environmental management system and ensure EHS regulatory compliance 

The customer asked ALTEN to monitor regulations and maintain its environmental management system. ALTEN was involved in the renewal of refrigerant capacity certificates, ICPE monitoring, regulatory monitoring and environmental analysis.  

Occupational health and safety

Manage occupational risks while improving working conditions for all employees

Our Health and Safety offer aims to help our clients assess their occupational risks through a continuous improvement process.  Our dedicated teams offer you their expertise so you can manage the risks to your business by:   

  • Carrying out close monitoring of occupational diseases and accidents   
  • Training employees in taking precautions to limit risks and in how to act in an accident  
  • Implementing continuous improvement processes to adopt a health and safety culture  

Improving product safety 

The customer wanted to develop a new process to improve product safety. They called on ALTEN to conduct design risk assessments for new and existing products, assist with resolving safety incidents in the field and develop EHS and product safety training based on the results obtained.

Managing hazardous substances

Innovate in compliance with regulations & anticipating risks

To meet quality, performance and reliability standards, it is necessary to anticipate and map controlled substances that impact processes and products, and find alternative replacements. Our in-depth knowledge of international regulations (REACH, PIC, POP, etc.) allows us to support our industrial customers throughout the process to reduce the risk of supply chain disruption:  

  • Legal compliance (management of licences, quotas, authorisation dossiers, declarations)  
  • Chemical impact analyses and action plans  
  • Research and deployment projects on efficient and sustainable alternatives  

Leading an industrial change in Chrome VI activities 

ALTEN supported one of its customers whose goal was to have 100% of its industrial resources on workstations comply with the requirements of REACH authorisation dossiers on chromate-related applications. It led a multinational project in Europe, the United States and China, where ALTEN provided support for project management, EHS compliance, technological development, local deployment and on-site supplier compliance. 

Environmental performance and sustainable development

Improve the economic and environmental performance of your activities

As a partner to its customers throughout their sustainable development strategy, ALTEN uses a multi-stage methodology:  

  • Define the vision, objectives, and strategy 
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and define scenarios for achieving the objectives (Water, Waste, Energy, Air Emissions, Biodiversity and Regulations)  
  • Devise and implement an action plan  
  • Obtain certifications and labels to promote the environmental approach  
  • Replicate the approach for excellence on the different sites  

Carrying out ISO50001 audits and optimising energy performance 

ALTEN supported one of its customers in its commitment to meet COP21 objectives, with the goal of reducing energy consumption by 10% in three years. This objective was to be achieved through the implementation and monitoring of an energy management system (ISO 50001) and looking for potential savings.