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The increasing complexity of IT systems is a reality for many organisations, regardless of their size. ALTEN has designed its application software offering to make information systems true levers for creating value and boosting business efficiency.  

ALTEN supports you from start to finish in the creation of software applications for all types of platforms, both web and mobile. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best management systems that integrate the most appropriate functionalities for both business users and end customers. 

Transforming information systems to drive business growth 

Digital transformation is having a major impact on all aspects of organisations. Information systems are at the heart of this upheaval. Indeed, the omnipresence of digital and the growing connectivity needs significantly alter the way businesses and organizations process, store, and use data.  

The increase in the quantity and variety of data is a growth catalyst for businesses, which are now able to collect larger and more diverse data sets than before thanks to digital technologies. To make the most of these data, information systems must be designed and maintained to manage and analyse data in real-time. 

Faced with the complexity of these transformations, it is necessary to rethink IT infrastructures to make them more agile and scalable, capable of keeping up with technological developments and changes in commercial markets. 

To meet all these challenges, ALTEN has designed its Application software offering to support you from the definition to the deployment of design strategies, modernization, and maintenance of your information systems. This offer leverages ALTEN’s historical expertise in consulting and R&D, combined with a proven methodology built around the shared desire to accelerate your organization’s value creation. 

Our expertise

Framework & Application Design

Define and prepare for application modernization 

ALTEN offers a tailored strategic support that allows you to anticipate and prepare for the creation of a new application or the modernization of an existing one before starting the development process. ALTEN’s strategic framing offer is based on an analysis and consulting methodology developed by ALTEN Centres of Excellence, dedicated technical expertise, and excellence centres: 

  • Analysis of the application ecosystem to define the interfaces with the new application 
  • Application analysis to modernize in a reverse engineering approach to produce the necessary documentation for its redevelopment 
  • Design Thinking and UX/UI workshops to interact in advance with the businesses and design the application from a functional perspective 
  • Carrying out an application architecture analysis to propose a design adapted to your context 
  • Creation of an initial backlog allowing an estimation of the development load 

Case study

ALTEN advised one of its clients in its strategy of setting up a multi-brand solutions ecosystem. To do this, ALTEN set up a Design Thinking approach to consider different customer needs and define the technical and functional solution, including UX Design aspects, in a B2C environment. 

Building New Applications

Bring maximum value and innovation through application development

ALTEN’s technical, multidisciplinary, and agile teams accompany you end-to-end in defining your build strategy.

  • Native DevSecOps approach (Development – Security – Operations): integrating security at each stage of the development life cycle, from design to production, through testing and implementation. DevSecOps thus optimizes security management while accelerating the development cycle. 
  • Customized coverage: ability to mobilize local and international teams as close as possible to your needs, thanks to ALTEN’s nearshore, offshore, and greenshore centres. 
  • User experience: integrated at the heart of ALTEN’s offer, UX is a key element in the development of successful and high-performance applications. To integrate UX into its application development build strategy, our developers work closely with UX/UI designers to create features that meet user expectations. 

Case study

ALTEN supported one of its clients in its entire digital transformation process to boost its omnichannel commercial approach. The teams intervened in the analysis, UX/UI design, and micro-service implementation phases. 

Third-Party Application Maintenance (TMA)

Master performance & improve competitiveness

The ALTEN Group and its teams of experienced consultants support numerous companies from various sectors, on all requests for corrective, preventive, and evolutionary maintenance. Our teams are trained in agile at scale to integrate quickly and optimally into our clients’ work environments. Our broad geographical coverage enables us to meet the needs of all our clients through our ALTEN Delivery Centres, to improve their competitiveness. 

Case study

ALTEN supported one of its clients in its digital transformation, with a goal of high availability of business applications and reducing maintenance costs. ALTEN’s teams worked on development, fixing bugs, and on a business user support axis. The project was carried out by mixed teams in France and offshore in delivery and in agile mode (Scrumban). 


Transform your information systems into business accelerators

Information systems, as real nerve centres for organizations, must now be able to respond to the evolutions and changes of companies. This is why ALTEN puts all its technical skills and innovation at the service of its clients’ information systems modernization strategies. 

  • Towards a Cloud Approach: ALTEN supports its clients in preparing their migration to a cloud environment in the most efficient way possible. Transitioning to a cloud model is a vital challenge for many IT departments, paving the way for numerous benefits in terms of cost and performance. Depending on the different levels of maturity and the needs of our clients, our teams build tailored cloud migration strategies. 
  • Towards a Green IT Approach: ALTEN supports its clients in the eco-design of complex systems through a green code approach, a framework of technological solutions, and an end-to-end measurement of energy impact. The goal: to optimize the environmental impact of internal IT services. 

Case study

ALTEN assisted one of its clients in redesigning its flagship product and critical assets, improving the performance, ergonomics, and adaptability of its product to various devices. This project aims to drastically reduce technical debt and maintenance costs, through a comprehensive digital approach, reverse engineering, re-architecture, and quality control. It allows the client to have a more modern work tool that is tailored to their needs. 

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