Knee implant - Episurf - ALTEN Sweden

Knee implant – Episurf

Together with Episurf, ALTEN (Hotswap) developed the world’s first knee implant specifically developed for each individual patient. The purpose of the project was to provide the patient with a more lasting alternative of pain relief that also contributes to the improvement of mobility in the knee joint.








The project combined advanced 3D-modelling with Episurf’s implant technology. Each patient is unique and even the slightest change in shape can affect the operation. It is why Episurf designs patient specific implants and patient specific surgical instruments. An utmost detailed 3D-modelling is used to shape each individual implant. The shape and size is customized and, in turn, replace the damaged area and preserves the healthy surrounding of cartilage and bone.


The result of this method that we developed and the technology is that Episurf makes it possible for surgeons to help patients with knee-joint injuries to go back to their active life styles. In addition to the implant itself, a surgical toolkit was also developed. The kit contains the necessary tools for the surgery along with a precision guide that is designed to attach seamlessly to the surface of the knee, covering the cartilage lesion and the bone defect.  This way, the surgeon has a supportive platform during the surgery enabling simple and precise insertion of the implant at an exact angle and depth relative to the joint anatomy.