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Accurate and Easy Dosing- OnDosis

          Accurate and Easy Dosing

OnDosis is aiming to revolutionize how we take medicine by shifting away from pills to microbeads; granules of medication that are dispensed by a connected dosing device. Dosing in granules allows dose sizes to be adjusted with ease, allowing for more gradual introduction and tapering of medications, and the granule medication is easier for some key user groups to swallow.

Using a connected dosing device also opens the door for better monitoring of dosing, allowing for reduced medicine diversion, improved adherence, and limiting overdose potential. ALTEN played a key role in transforming OnDosis from a concept into a reality, moving from idea to final product through extensive iterative development.

‘Changing the game, one dose at a time’

ALTEN took the lead on developing the device, from mechanical design to user interface. Many competences were involved in this process, working cross-functionally as one to deliver a reliable, intuitive dosing device.


Industrial, Medical and UX/UIDesign


Mechanical Design, User Interface, Prototypes, User Studies

Designed for People

OnDosis’s novel approach to dosing, moving from pills to granules, presented new challenges for user interaction. How do you make granules as easy to handle as a pill? And how do you ensure people understand key data like dose size and remaining volume?

These kinds of design challenges were solved through iterative design and testing sprints, with internal and external formative studies guiding the design development around the user themselves.

Safe and Effective

The device was designed to meet the exacting standards of both EU and US medical device requirements. From a usability perspective, this means designing and documenting to meet the 62366-01 standard, as well as following directions by FDA human factors guidance’s.

A detailed risk analysis, internal and external user studies, and experienced engineering expertise all come together to produce a safe, intuitive device.