ALTEN PinkRun resulted in 15000 SEK to the Swedish Cancer Society!

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To support the Swedish Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon campaign, ALTEN invited colleagues and customers to run/walk against cancer during ALTEN PinkRun!

It was a big group of people who gathered this Friday the 11th of October to run or walk against cancer. 285 people kickstarted their day by participating in ALTEN PinkRun. ALTEN PinkRun started at the same time at nine of our offices, and at Beamon Peoples office in Stockholm. ALTEN and Beamon People donated 50 SEK/participant and the participants commitment resulted in 15 000 SEK (rounded) to the Swedish Cancer Society!


We want to thank all the participants for choosing to do this with us for a good cause, your commitment makes a difference!



Information about the Swedish Cancer Society:

The Swedish Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon campaign is carried out during October each year with the aim of raise and distribute money for cancer research and to spread knowledge about cancer. The Swedish Cancer Society is also active in areas such as public opinion. The supported projects represent the highest quality in the field of cancer, whatever the focus. This means that the selection takes place in national competition and does not take into account the field of research or the geographic location.

See what it looked like when we gathered 285 people on nine different locations who run and walked against cancer!