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Life Science

ALTEN Sweden has contributed with expertise that have driven the development forward within large success within the area of Life Science. Our business within Life Science covers pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology. Life Science is an expanding business where new areas of expertise are continuously included.

In 2015, Hotswap was welcomed to ALTEN and the group thereby became one of Sweden’s strongest provider of services for product development within medical technology. ALTEN is certified according to ISO 13485. We help with structuring the processes and assuring the quality of the documentation. Moreover, we have many consultants with long experience of machines for clinical environments.

Within the field of Biotechnology and Medtech, we contribute with expertise in mechanics, calculation, industrial design, electronics, control systems, programming and IT.

Within development of medicine, we contribute with expertise in process, method development and testing & analysis. We provide experienced consultants with a focus on clinical studies, analytical chemistry, molecular biology and medical information and more.

We have the opportunity to deliver competence within quality assurance and regulatory questions to all customers, regardless of industry.

We offer cutting-edge experience within simulation and modelling of bone structures and soft tissue, flows & heat transmission and skin & bone anchored implants.

One of our future areas are AI and Machine Learning where we see big potential within the Life Science area.

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Business areas

  • Connected medical technology and secure communication
  • Combination products
  • Development of medicine and production
  • Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology
  • Individualized dosing of medicines
  • Incontinence care
  • Implants
  • Intensive care
  • Dialysis
  • Wound care
  • Hearing aids
  • Radiations Measuring
  • Clinical studies

Cutting edge expertise

Product development
Mechanic engineering, Calculation & Simulation, Design & Visualisation, Electronics, Embedded systems, Control systems, Application development, Test & Verification

Chemistry & Biotechnology
Cell culture, Drug screening, Immunochemistry, Molecular biology, Validation, Sterilization, Asepsis, Wet chemistry, Assay development, Optimization and upscaling of processes, Upstream/Downstream, Analytical Chemistry, Method development

Quality insurance & Regulatory
Project management, LEAN & Six sigma, Quality systems, Quality Insurance (GMP, QSR, MDR, ISO 13485), Documentation, Risk management, Usability engineering CAPA