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ALTEN in Örebro gets more girls into IT

ALTEN i Örebro får in fler tjejer inom IT

For growing companies, finding the right skills quickly is often a challenge, especially in IT. At the same time, many new graduates, both boys and girls in IT want to enter the working life quickly but lack the experience and, in some cases, the specific skills that the customer needs.

That’s why ALTEN in Örebro is investing in a mentor program. They work to tailor a match between companies and newly graduated talents – a collaboration beneficial for everyone involved.

— The initiative gives our employees a safe introduction to working life, which in turn makes it easier for our customers by allowing the employees to come in faster and focus their skills where they are needed the most, says Izabella Tran, Business Manager at ALTEN.

“The cooperation is going very well, and we are glad that we got this opportunity.”

Smooth cooperation – a major benefit

In dialogue with the client participating in the program, a knowledge profile is specified. It guides the training and introduction of the consultants to ensure that the right skills are obtained. ALTEN then conducts the training to create a sense of security for the employee, discusses challenges that may arise and thus prepares the employee for the assignment and the specific needs that lie ahead. This creates a foundation for making a confident impact where it’s most needed.

It was precisely this, a smooth and long-term cooperation, that attracted one of ALTEN in Örebro’s first partners from the defense industry – and it yielded results right away.

— The cooperation is going very well and we are glad that we got this opportunity. We are in a very expansive phase and are in great need of resources. When we expand as much as we do, smooth cooperation is important.

— We hope that by working with ALTEN, we can attract more female graduates to the company. It’s good to mix people with different experiences and backgrounds, which we feel we have an opportunity to do here. The girls who are in place with us have come into our business in a great way and have become an important part of our agile teams. It makes the work easier!

A way to ensure the right skills

ALTEN’s Veronica Dahlqvist works as Program Planner and is a mentor in the program. She sees several benefits of the initiative: Not only for the candidates who are about to take on their first assignment, but also for the companies that are competing for the IT talents that will soon enter the labor market.

— Recruiting IT talent is an overall challenge today. With a newly trained and coached workforce tailored to their needs, we can assist where it is most needed.

— It’s a fantastic initiative – not least for newly graduated women. It’s really fun to see the women grow into their roles and it’s fantastic to be able to be there for other people when different situations arise. It’s an enormous comfort to have several people with us to turn to for questions. In my experience, it facilitates matching enormously and brings with it a sense of community and belonging. It’s simply a win-win situation. I wish I had had a mentor at the beginning of my journey in the IT industry!

“It’s an enormous comfort to have several people with us to turn to for questions. In my experience, it facilitates the matching process enormously and creates a sense of community and togetherness. It’s simply a win-win situation.”

Saron Kidane

Community and togetherness key components

Saron and Pernilla are among those who have had the chance to join the program and have a mentor. After their graduation, they got the chance to familiarize themselves with their assignments through the mentor program. They highlight the importance of the supportive community that the program provides and the stable foundation for the assignment.

— Knowing that you support each other makes you more confident and comfortable in your role, says Saron. I got a good understanding of what others expect from me, but also what you should expect from yourself, which gave me a good foundation going into my assignment.

— Another benefit is the opportunity to connect with others who are more established in the industry, giving you insight into different careers and providing you with good advice and guidance.

“The girls on site have settled in well and have become an important part of our agile teams. It makes the work easier!”

Pernilla Gerdin.

Pernilla agrees.

— We received a lot of good support and advice from others who are or have been on similar assignments. We were given plenty of time to learn what we needed to feel confident going out on an assignment. My start has really gone well.

— I was attracted by the fact that it sounded like a very good way to enter working life. It’s a big change from studying, so it felt very safe to know that we were going on the assignment together.


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