Interview with Erik Lindmark - ALTEN Sweden

Interview with Erik Lindmark

Erik Embedded Systems

Meet Erik Lindmark, Business Manager for Embedded Systems at ALTEN in Lund. At the time of writing, there is one day left until he retires. Find out about Erik’s journey at ALTEN, the development he has seen in his field and what he thinks characterises ALTEN.

How long have you worked at ALTEN and what is your journey like?

– I am retiring at Midsummer after a long and very interesting professional life with technology as the common thread. After working in medical technology development for many years, I then switched to the consulting world. There I worked (together with many others😊) on software development for Ericsson’s first 3G platform. Then I moved to a consulting manager role and joined ALTEN in 2012.

Successful companies and initiatives in Lund

– Lund/Malmö is indeed a very dynamic region with a lot of technical expertise and this attracts technology companies to establish themselves here.

– There are so many examples of successful companies and initiatives in our region and I am very proud that we have worked with many of them.

How has your embedded systems business area evolved since you joined ALTEN in 2012?

– It has been a very exciting period where we in Skåne have seen a shift from telecom – mobile telephony to other industries including a big expansion in automotive software with Volvo Cars and Bosch.

– It is very positive that telecom has grown again as Ericsson’s investment in telecom – infrastructure in Lund has been so successful. Another positive example is Axis Communications, which has exceeded all expectations over the past 20 years.

The key to success in a consultancy business

– Technologies and trends may change – but the core of success in a consultancy is the same: solid technical skills, a keen interest in developing, social skills and a commitment to helping our clients s쳮d.

“If you want to work in a role that combines people, technology and business development, I think you should apply to ALTEN – I promise you’ll enjoy it!”


What has been the best thing about working at ALTEN?

– ALTEN has given me so many opportunities to meet and work with so many exciting, nice and awesome people. In recent years we have really become an international company, in our office in Lund alone we have employees from 14 countries. It has been a very exciting and educational journey, imagine so many people moving to the other side of the world with family and children to a country they don’t know much about😊

What do you think characterises us working at ALTEN?

– What I think characterises us working at ALTEN is that there is such energy and strong will to develop the company and all our employees’ careers together by offering great opportunities for exciting assignments. And with the size of ALTEN, that means opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

– If you want to work in a role that combines people, technology and business development, I think you should apply to ALTEN – I promise you’ll enjoy it!

What are your plans now that you are retiring?

– Now is the time for a change and I will initially enjoy being in our new house in Österlen😊


ALTEN would like to thank you Erik for all the amazing years together!