Project Management

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Project management

ALTEN has long experience of operating projects within several different business sectors, from small and medium-sized companies to large multinational organizations. Our team includes a large number of experienced project managers with industry-specific knowledge as well as senior project managers who can lead major projects or programs with a contagious commitment.

Let ALTEN be a part of the development of your project environment! Our experience, accumulated from numerous projects in a variety of areas, allows us to assist you in developing the project models, processes, procedures and tools you have today.

We can take on whole projects, appoint key roles within existing projects, or streamline an entire project organization!

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Agile MethodsLearn more

Agile methods in project management

We like working with Agile methods and many of our coworkers have extensive experience in Agile development and product realization.

Training in agile methods

ALTEN Training, our own training organization, is helping our customers to implement agile methods. We also offer coaching of your project leaders in both agile and traditional methods. Read more here.

ServicesLearn more

Project Management

”Doing things the right way”
We provide support, coaching, processes, highly skilled individuals and certified project managers.

Program Management

”Doing things in the right order”
We help your company to set up or coach ongoing programs. We can also provide seasoned program leaders.

Portfolio Management

”Doing the right things”
We assist you in setting up effective portfolio management to ensure that the project utility and risks are managed and monitored. Our consultants have extensive experience working with large, complex portfolios.

PMO (Project Management Office) Management

“Doing it all with the Right Teams (integrating Portfolio, Projects and Programs)”
Our consultants have experience leading PMO’s in large organizations and in large programs and we can help you with:

  •         Support, development, & improvement of your existing PMO.
  •         Implementation of a PMO in your organization.
  •         Find staff that can run a PMO for you.

Feasibility studies, investigations, “task forces”, etc.

We utilize our breadth and expertise to quickly identify, analyze, and provide one or more suggestions.

Coaching and mentoring

We support our teams and individual consultants with the full expertise, experience and proficiency we have within ALTEN to ensure maximum customer value. Through our training activities, ALTEN Training, we also offer courses and workshops in project management.