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The automotive industry has a long history of being a major contributor to the Swedish economy and it is an industry that is constantly being renewed. Electrification and digitalization have led to rapid developments in automotive technology and transport systems, and the use of fossil fuels has been reduced by around 25% over the last 15 years. 

ALTEN in Sweden has its origins in the automotive sector, and we are today a strategic solution partner in the automotive industry with end-to-end expertise. We have a business relationship with most Swedish automotive manufacturers and tier-1 providers, from big established players to new innovate start-ups. Our expertise, people and unique solutions are dedicated to making vehicles greener, safer and more connected. 

To meet the challenges of the future, we develop and deliver solutions for the next generation of vehicles in the mechanical, embedded and digital domains. Apart from delivering expertise on site with our consultants, we also run projects with different delivery models, having sizable work packages with delivery leadership by ALTEN and near- and off-shore deliveries. 


Our services are substantial and touch most areas of the automotive industry vertical. We operate in the following areas:

  • Safety
  • Infotainment
  • Powertrain and hybridisation
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Chassis
  • Aftermarket
  • Digital
  • Design
  • E-mobility
  • Autonomous vehicles


Within the automotive industry, we work in a number of different areas of expertise to meet market demands and trends. Our expertise includes: 

  • Analysis and Simulation
  • Design and Visualisation
  • Electronics and Software Development
  • Mechanical Product Development​
  • Project Management.
  • System Development
  • Test- and Quality Assurance



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