Meet Sandra Carling, Project Manager In Life Science

Intervju med Sandra Carling

Hi Sandra! You’re a Project Manager in Life Science in Jönköping. What are you currently working on?
⁠–⁠ I’m currently working with Tada Medical, “Relink Advanced”. Tada Medical was one of the first customers I started working with at ALTEN. They wanted to develop a breakaway connector for infusions that split into two parts when the patient pulls the infusion tube. “Relink Care” is a patented breakaway connector that that stops the medicine from spilling and reduce harm caused by the accidental dislodgement incidents. It’s recently been CE-marked, which is very exciting! 

How did you start working as a project manager in Life Science?
⁠–⁠ I’ve always had an interest in technology and science along with a strong desire to help people, which got me into studying prosthetics and orthotics. I worked several years at a hospital, which gave me great knowledge about the demands and needs of the patients, but also from a healthcare provider’s perspective. A possibility then arose to work at what used to be Hotswap, now a part of ALTEN. I started working with treatment of foot ulcers and later got involved with the development of an intubation device and a lid for ileostomy, which included technical documentation and regulatory requirements. I’m so glad I started working as a project manager!

What’s the most important characteristic for a Project Manager with your type of assignment?
⁠–⁠ It’s hard to pick just one! I’d have to say being organized, being able to multi-task and to encourage co-workers. 

What would you say is most rewarding in your work?
⁠–⁠ Being able to do something that will have a positive impact in someone’s life. It’s also great fun to be so close to all parts of the process. There is normally a very clear cooperation from my side both considering the customer and internal personnel at ALTEN including for example testing, design, labelling, regulatory requirements and packaging.

And what’s most challenging?
⁠–⁠ The fact that there are many new areas to get to know and to find solutions to a handful of challenges that comes my way.

How has the past year – considering the pandemic – affected you and your work?
–⁠ We’ve had to reconsider and schedule more daily information meetings digitally. Since everyone involved in the project has done a lot of testing on site, I’ve had to be present at the office a few times each week. The hardest part has been not being able to meet the manufacturers of the product we’re developing, which has led to some misunderstandings that probably could have been avoided had we been able to meet on site.

And lastly – what would be your dream project to work on?
⁠–⁠ A powered exoskeleton adapted for children. That would be such a big thing and it would really make an impact where it’s needed!


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