Service Areas

We have divided our expertise into ten separate service areas. Each area has its specialities so you can rest assured that we understand your needs.

At ALTEN our aim is to form long-term business relationships with our customers. Something that requires close collaboration and a good understanding of the challenges you are facing. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt to each individual case and to use the consultant who is best suited.

And we are never satisfied until we have the perfect match between needs and expertise.

Resourcing or turnkey supplier

We take on assignments of all sizes, regardless of complexity or timeframe. This involves everything from onsite human resourcing to entire work packages involving consultants from several service areas.

Analysis and Simulation

These days more and more product development is being carried out in virtual environments with computer models and simulations replacing [...]

Design and Visualisation

Design and visualisation have a crucial role to play in strengthening a company’s brand identity and competitive edge. Illustrative and [...]

Electronics and Software Development

Embedded systems are an integral part of many of the rapid technological advancements we see around us today. Self-braking vehicles [...]


Modern day product development is like a world map with islands of information that have to be linked. Any place [...]

Process and Plant Design

Ever-increasing environmental and safety demands pose a great challenge for today’s process and power production plants. Attractive solutions must always [...]

System and Application Development

We are more connected now than ever before. For our customers this offers new opportunities with mobile solutions and a [...]

Test and Quality Assurance

The products of today are becoming increasingly complex, which puts greater demands on the use of advanced test strategies and [...]


ALTEN is a complete educational supplier with many years’ experience of developing and offering a wide range of educational and [...]

Product Development

Innovative mechanical design is a recipe for success for any product developing company. Today”s short development cycles and high demands [...]

Project Management

At Alten, we have extensive experience managing projects in a wide variety of sectors. We have a large number of [...]