Process and Plant Design

Ever-increasing environmental and safety demands pose a great challenge for today’s process and power production plants. Attractive solutions must always be combined with high safety levels with regard to both plant and staff. It is therefore important to be proactive and to stay at the forefront of developments.

Our Process and Plant Design service helps you develop and deliver expertise for power and process plants. Our specialist know-how in the areas of process technology, construction, process simulation and analysis makes us a turnkey partner who can take on assignments of all shapes and sizes in a variety of industries. We help you find safe and effective solutions with high capacity utilisation rates.

Internal interaction

We have a wide offering of services related to plant and system construction, troubleshooting, technical calculation and safety reviewing. Internally we interact with several other departments and with forums connected with the industries in which we operate. This ensures the best possible expertise for each individual project.


Process and System Construction
Process Design & Simulation
Mechanical Engineering & Pipe Construction
Electrical Power, Instruments and Automation
Building Construction

Areas of Expertise

Process-related Analysis and Regulating, Safety Reviewing and Plant Construction, Piping and Mechanical Construction, Termohydraulic Calculations, Flow Analyses, Structural Verifications, Test Runs, Project Management, Process Simulation.

Number of Consultants

40 in Sweden.


Nuclear Power, Offshore, Paper & Pulp, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals.


ENVAC, FMC Technology, Metso Power, Forsmark, Ringhals, SKB.