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We can now proudly announce that ALTEN Sweden is further growing within IT as a result of a national investment! An even more digitalized world requires development and competence within IT. ALTEN Sweden is therefore investing and expanding the already established IT division by recruiting 200 new consultants by 2019.

The investment is grounded in that we see a strong demand for IT competence in Sweden as a result of a trend of decreased outsourcing abroad. Because we predict that the need for IT expertise will remain strong in the future, we now prioritize and invest even more within this area. It goes without saying that ALTEN Sweden, as one of the largest companies on the market, takes this initiative and we are proud to be a global actor with a local presence and an approach flexible to the needs of the market. We estimate the total volume of the Swedish IT market up to a total of 55 billion SEK per year and moreover see a great potential for growth within the field.


– Our goal is to be at the forefront and partake in the IT development in society a large and, here, we contribute to digitalization and the ways it is changing how we work, communicate and interact with one another, says Martin Segerström, CEO of ALTEN Sweden.

More concretely, this investment results in the recruitment of over 200 new IT consultants by 2019 and, moreover, the appointment of six additional managers with expertise in the relevant areas falling under the rubric of digitalization. This will mean a significant growth for the company as a whole and affect all of ALTEN’s offices in Sweden. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Jönköping will be directly involved.

We are 1500 employees in Sweden today, and this number will have a significant increase as a result of the investment within out IT department.


– Our ambition is to continually promote our employees’ career development and, together with our strong focus on client needs, we will continue to appeal to and be fortunate in recruiting the most committed IT consultants. Through this initiative, we will meet the increased demand for IT competence from fascinating companies, says Martin Segerström.


We have been established within strategically important areas for over 25 years, where we have developed and built competence from within the company. By further investing in IT, we can continue to deliver the best solutions based on the needs of both our current and potential clients. This initiative will be supplement our already broad knowledge of expertise and consequently make way for even more exciting and challenging client cases for our consultants to work on. We are especially proud to have the most committed consultants and would like to continue to be the most appealing employer for them. Moreover, we strongly hold that this kind of investment will create work opportunities together with some of the most groundbreaking companies on the market.


Vacant positions within this area:

CBM Stockholm: 4288 Avdelningschef till affärsomradet IT

BM Stockholm: 4271 Konsultchef med säljfokus inom IT

BM Göteborg: 4269 Konsultchef med säljfokus inom IT

BM Jönköping: 4268 Konsultchef med säljfokus inom IT


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