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Technological challenges

The telecommunications sector is experiencing a period of unprecedented transformation under the combined effect of new entrants (service providers such as Google or Apple, MVNO virtual operators, etc.) and the explosion of data needs that requires world class broadband networks.

Furthermore, the move by the EU to harmonise the European Telecommunications landscape will speed up the trend towards operator concentration, promoting the development of engineering companies that have demonstrated their ability to deliver transnational turnkey Telecom projects. To meet these wants and needs, ALTEN has set up a dedicated European organisation with over 2,000 specialist Telecom engineers.

The technological issues and comprehensive infrastructure deployment needs are considerable, starting with the implementation of fourth generation radio networks and equipment (4G). More generally, all the issues related to very high-speed broadband (LTE – Long Term Evolution), interoperability between operator networks, offloading between radio and Wi-Fi networks and the development of new services to cash in on network investments will be key Telecom challenges to be met in the coming years. They are producing engineering requirements in all areas, from the design and testing of products and equipment to the control of network deployment, areas where ALTEN is ideally positioned.

ALTEN added value

ALTEN Sweden has lengthy experience of the telecom industry and has been a supplier to Ericsson since 1995. Our international presence gives us a choice of 3,000 consultants, 150 of whom are based in one of our Scandinavian offices.

Our Telecom service develops and delivers expertise to mobile and fixed network operators, and to customers who produce and market products and components. We offer a broad range of services with expertise in everything from hardware and electronics development to embedded systems, application development and test and quality assurance.

We take on the development as well as the running and further development of advanced testing systems, where we use commercial test platforms, instrumentation and in-house developed components.

Another area in which we are highly skilled is the development and verification of system software for radio base stations and other nodes in the radio network.

On the operator side, we work with the development of online telephony and broadband services, and digital TV.

Primary activities

The equipping of mobile 4G networks and speedy optical networks, operation and maintenance of mobile networks and the development of online telephony and broadband services.

Specialist areas

Design, Construction, Embedded Systems, Test & Verification, Requirements Specification and Project Management.


Ericsson, ST Ericsson, Wind River, Transmode, Ascom.

The technology

range of services

ALTEN offers different service levels to provide the best response to clients’ needs