Create the best Fast Food joint in town!

In co-operation with the E-guild at LTH we want to invite you to an exciting evening at the ALTEN office in Lund.

We are designing a distributed system for a Fast food restaurant – it could be the LED-café:) There are different solutions to be developed – the ordering terminals, the kitchen, the pick-up center and an administration portal. And some hardware interaction as well.

You will work in groups – each group can select which functionality to work with. ALTEN has prepared a framework so that you can deploy and run your code.

The intention is to give a hands-on practice in live SW development and deployment. The environment will be Python, javascript, HTML and git.
And – at the end of the session we will have a system up and running!

In addition to working with the case we will have food, drinks and time to chill. You will meet some of our consultants talking about what working as a consultant means and what ALTEN can offer.

There are limited seats to this event, so apply today!

Last registration day have passed. Contact if you have any questions.