Development for Hybrid Vehicles – Volvo GTT

Volvo works intensely with developing hybrid vehicles to be able to meet the future emission regulations and bring the transportation industry into the future. Parallel to the lowered emissions, the hybrid technology also contributes a lower noise pollution level and energy consumption.

This is also a regulation that is becoming more and more common, especially in the context of city traffic. Today it is mostly buses that are equipped with hybrid technology.



ALTEN has a team in place that mainly works with software development for the latest version of hybrid buses. Our team works to develop functions that will get the steering of the powertrain working as effectively and safely as possible.

Volvo’s hybrid buses show a steady upward sales trend. Moreover, hybrid buses consume up to 39 % less fuel than corresponding diesel run buses, has 40-50 % lower emissions and are completely silent and emission free at bus stops.

Our hybrids meet all regulations with its reliable and flexible technology, says Lars Johansson, Global Marketing Manager for Volvo Buses.