With his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds


With his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds – read more about Jimmy’s assignment as a systems engineer at SAAB Aeuronautics Gripen C/D project

With an assignment in operations and support of rescue systems in Gripen C/D, it’s easy to make jokes about Jimmy Cederlöf having his head in the clouds. But it requires a great deal of skills in problem solving and lots of focus to solve the technical problems that the system is facing. Because of the complex process structures and the large number of systems working together, the solution is not always easy to find, but that’s what’s makes it challenging and rewarding. It may sound frightening to some people, but for Jimmy this is the best part of his job. Jimmy graduated as a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on product development and started working at ALTEN in Linköping in 2014. Get to know Jimmy by reading more about his exciting assignment at SAAB Aeronautics!


Describe your journey at ALTEN!

When I first started at ALTEN I got the opportunity to get to know the managers and inhouse-colleagues by helping with marketing and competence development while I waited for my first assignment, which was fun. My first assignment was at SAAB Aeronautics as a design engineer in the Gripen E project. I started out drawing hydraulics for the aircraft and then went on to work with the control system and the rescue system. Eventually, I was given the overall responsibility of completing the installation of the upgraded rescue system.

Testing, contact with customers and documentation are the key concepts of my current assignment, which is still at SAAB within rescue systems, but now geared towards the operational aspects of Gripen C/D. My previous experience of the Gripen E project paved the way for this assignment which, among other things, includes answering customer cases, both problem and improvement related. We also ensure that the system is continuously airworthy.

In addition to my assignment, I’m also involved in ALTEN Linköping’s staff group for work environment and competence development.

What was your first impression of ALTEN?

I remember that my first impression was that I felt there was a nice sense of community among the colleagues. I also immediately noticed the international feeling in the company which I thought was exciting with the international opportunities that would mean to me.

Before the start of my first assignment I was encouraged to participate in training courses to work with the development of my own personal competence. I got a pragmatic feeling of the workplace, which was complemented by a relaxed relationship, in a positive sense, towards the situation I was in before the assignment. The get together-activities started immediately which contributed to a strong and positive start.

What do you do when you are not working?

Exercise and well-being are a central part of my life. I think a run in nature after I’ve finished my workday is very nice. Besides running, I also have an interest in economical and societal issues. I also like to be creative and I love to fix and refine things. I have a strong interest in cars, and I like to play computer/TV-games with friends when the weather is poor. Traveling and meeting friends and family is also something I really appreciate.


Jimmy Cederlöf
Assigment: systems engineer at SAAB Aeuronautics Gripen C/D project
Education: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on product development
ALTEN employee since: 2014