Anders Persson – new CEO of ALTEN Sweden

Anders Persson ny VD ALTEN Sverige

Anders Persson is appointed as the new CEO of ALTEN Sweden. At the same time he also takes over as CEO of ALTEN Denmark. Persson has 20 years in the company and is now Division Director for Regions and Country Manager for Finland. Anders starts his new appointment on the 1st of October and succeeds Martin Segerström who takes on the role as Development Director Northern within the ALTEN Group.

Anders Persson started his career as a technical consultant in the late nineties and then working for ALTEN’s subsidiary XDIN in the USA for 13 years, of which 7 years as the CEO. About three years ago Persson returned to Sweden and has been part of developing the company in his role as Division Director for Regions. During the past year he has also been responsible for ALTEN’s operations in Finland.

How does it feel to have been elected as ALTEN’s new CEO?

It is fantastic to know that the company’s management have this trust in me! For the past 10 years I have worked in senior positions within ALTEN. It’s a big step in my own career to be given the opportunity to become the CEO of ALTEN Sweden, which is one of the largest countries in the ALTEN Group. At the same time, I am very humbled, and I will work hard to continue to earn the trust of all our employees and customers as well.

What can you bring to the company given your previous experience in the consulting industry?

I have worked as a consultant for 10 years before I worked my way through all managerial levels in the company. Because of that, I really think I will have a humility and understanding of the different challenges we all face in our different roles. We often enter into partnerships with major international customers, but also with less experienced consultant buyers. Every situation is unique and as a supplier, we must always keep that in mind. What I have learned over the years is that responsiveness, respect and honesty are what always wins in the long run. I have experienced both success and setbacks in business and various economic cycles. With these experiences, I can keep calm and bring long-term thinking into different situations.

How do you view ALTEN and the future?

The future is bright! Even though we now see a certain slowdown in the market, the conditions are still very good for us! The global development of technology which is happening now remains exponential. Ongoing digitalization and demands for sustainable solutions for the future, to name a few, will for a long time in the future create many interesting project opportunities. This, together with our international connections and strong engineering and technology culture, gives us the opportunities to continuously offer exciting career paths! We are today a truly international group. Our size and diversification will place great demands on the continuous development of our internal functions and global partnerships. No matter what role you have in the company, the opportunities are here for you to catch! I have been given ALTEN a lot of time and energy for 20 years now. I will easily continue to invest for many more years to come!

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