New exciting assignments within ALTEN’s IT-department!


2017 was the year ALTEN decided to invest in IT with the ambition to triple the number of IT employees by 2020. The digitalization and the ways it is changing how we work, communicate and interact with one another, results in an increase of the demand for IT competence in Sweden. This was the starting point for the IT investment. We are glad to announce that the investment is successful, with new colleagues, customers and exciting assignment as a result of it. Fredrik Forsström, Key Account Manager within IT, shares with us how you as an IT-consultant at ALTEN, are given the opportunity to develop the solutions of the future together with some of the biggest and most preeminent companies in Sweden. You also get the opportunity to get to know Erik Frankenberg, Malin Strömblad and Jonathan Arévalo Garay who shares what they enjoy the most about working as IT consultants for ALTEN.


What opportunities does the IT investment bring to the ALTEN employees?

This investment offers our employees the opportunity to work together with the biggest and most preeminent companies in Sweden, both as consultants on site but also as part of delivering projects from ALTEN’s in house department. IT is the fastest growing sector right now and you get the opportunity to work with the latest technology in a close partnership with our clients to develop the solutions of the future together with great and experienced colleagues. This investment enables us to gain even more clients and access more interesting and exciting assignments for our consultants to choose from.

What makes ALTEN different from other companies working with IT consulting?

We have a width of expertise that many other companies don’t have, such as skills within embedded, design & visualization and numeration – all within the same company! This means that you can work in projects with colleagues in different areas of expertise, which gives you a rare opportunity to be involved in the whole project. On top of that, we are a part of ALTEN Group with more than 34 000 employees around the world, which provides great opportunities for an international career and to share experiences with colleagues all over the world. We invest a lot in internal career progression for our employees and many of our consultants move on internally within ALTEN to roles such as Technical Specialists, Technical Unit Managers, Business Developers and Business Managers. At ALTEN it is up to you – if you are willing, the opportunity is always there!

Why should you, as an IT consultant, choose ALTEN?

There are as many answers to this as there are consultants within the company… At ALTEN we work with a coaching leadership, which means that you are the driver and your manager is the map reader to help you get where you want. There is also flexibility and freedom paired with great and friendly colleagues who have fun together at work!


In 1998, the software developer Erik Frankenberg joined ALTEN. ALTEN (back then it was called XDIN) was about to start up an IT-department and hired Erik to be part of the project dealing with the document management system at Volvo IT as well as some customer support system at Gullspång Energy (today Ellevio). Over 20 years later, the client portfolio and the opportunities that comes with that have increased with the number of employees in the department. Today, Erik is part of a software development project with Ericsson in a group of seven people, but in total the project involves several hundred people all over the world.

What do you enjoy the most, working as an IT consultant at ALTEN?

ALTEN is a great place to be at with a brilliant atmosphere. Everyone in our department are humble and we are all able to share our views, thoughts and ideas with each other. There is no one that takes up too much space, but instead we always work as a team, discussing and working out the best solution together. As well as the great team spirit while working on our projects, some of us meet up to play table tennis during our lunch breaks where we get to spend time with colleagues from other departments too. There are plenty of different activities to choose between at ALTEN if you are interested and want to join in. Sometimes we go out together for meals and play shuffleboard, bowling or similar, and if you enjoy sports ALTEN arranges things like badminton and floorball.




Malin Strömblad has worked at Alten since 2007, starting off as a consultant and since June 2015 she works part time as a Technical Unit Manager/team leader for the in-house team and part time as a consultant with a customer.

Why choose ALTEN?

What I enjoy the most at ALTEN is the good atmosphere, the fun we’re having and that the assignments are always varied. Lately we have had quite a few new and very exciting assignments come in which is great fun. At ALTEN, we work together towards a goal with a strong team spirit at the same time as we have a lot of fun together. The work we do amounts to a great customer focus with a lot of responsibility towards the customer while at the same time offering freedom and flexibility. If things like this motivates you, then ALTEN is for you!





Jonathan Arévalo Faray is the IT consultant with a focus on app development for both Android and iOS, who has a passion for developing new apps and services benefiting people in their everyday lives. Right now, Jonathan works on the OnDosis project which is doing just that – making it easier for people who are in need of taking medication on a daily basis.

What made you want to start working at ALTEN?

ALTEN really caught my attention when I met up with Richard Rydell, Business Manager, for an interview. Richard showed me a diagram with a plan for skill development and possible career paths for all the consultants at ALTEN. This made me realize that ALTEN is a company which focuses on the person rather than the product and puts just as much weight on developing skills as personal growth.

What sets ALTEN apart from other IT companies?

The freedom and willingness to cooperate sets them apart from previous employers. You have the opportunity to influence and choose the projects you are most passionate about. The fact that there are so many people at ALTEN who are incredibly competent in many different areas of expertise is amazing. The open culture of ALTEN gives the individual space to be themselves.


We have exciting assignments available!

Do you have a passion for developing the latest technique on the market together with a great group of people that puts the team above themselves? Are you also a driven and committed individual, with the courage to challenge your colleagues in a game of table tennis during the lunch? Then make sure you have a look at our career page to see the available assignments where you are!

Do you have any of the competences below? Then you might be our next star at ALTEN IT!

Right now, we are looking for developers within Java, C# .NET, preferably Fullstack who is knowledgeable within React.js, or Angular.js and/or a Cloud solution such as AWS, GCP, Azure. We are also looking for consultants who are proficient within test automation, devops, requirements and project management.

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