Personality / Commitment

Managing market content changes that require a change to the usual localisation timeline, decisions re: priority in accordance with strategic needs, presentation of a detailed localisation timeline, working with content managers to ensure that localisation proceeds in accordance with agreed timelines.
Market relationship: localisation Includes introductions to new versions, proforma requirements, planning localisation timeline with market availability, communication and managing any development delays, manage decommissions process, manage updates needed to legal documents.
Market relationship: decommission of Service Work with markets to plan and implement the decommission process including email translation, timeline, requirements for withdrawl of patients, HCPs and deactivation of practices. Manage access to user contact details (email addresses) to maintain privacy. Manage all communications with HCPs and patients in the market. Ensure decommission verification is completed.
DMDP team relationship Work with DMDP team to plan out releases of development builds and platform (and portal) updates. Manage any risk associated with change in DMDP release schedules. Align overall project plan with DMDP schedule requirements for document/test completion.
Localisation process improvements Identify processes which are missing/require improvement which are having a negative impact on project delivery/localisation. Work with Turbu+ teams and others as needed to perform root cause analysis activities.

Vendor management Management of Transperfect and Altran (localisation team only) throughout all localisation activities. Input in to other aspects of vendor management (Altran, Adherium and uMotif) as necessary to support localisation activities
Supply chain management Align Adherium procurement, DPD warehouse and market requirements, create shipment orders, plan device stock shipments with each market, manage DPD warehouse and associated QA Sweden relationship, complete delivery receipt and Smartsupply documentation, provide device documentation e.g. CoC for all delivery’s and shipments, manage destruction of unused devices
Documentation management Completion and approval of all required documentation including supporting documentation to ensure Turbu+ governance including PIA, digital compliance questionnaire, update of Master SOP/supporting documentation

Turbu+ Service & Support Plan Service & Support training sessions for new markets (plus reminders for current markets) in line with launch dates. Ensure all market support documentation is available, approved and up to date. Manage all feedback received through app stores and ensure this is responded to by the markets. Capture input from all markets 1st line support to assist other markets with understanding volumes/common issues etc. Escalate recurring issues (1st line) to On market team for review.

Mobility team liaison Manage the relationship with the mobility team e.g through regular meetings. Keep up to date with the MobilePass process and provide feedback to support Mobility team in new process developments. Ensure that access to app developer stores is maintained and that data is reviewed regularly (e.g. to manage responses to app comments and visualization of app statistics). Schedule meetings and support app publication as needed.

Job / Skills

Qualifications (required/preferred)
- Experience as a project manager with understanding of localization management, strategy, processes and tools.
- Experience in working with IT for a pharmaceutical company with clinical studies to understand the complexity of the process of working with a medical device.
- Should have exceptional organizational, planning, communicating and problem-solving skills.
- Experience in working in an international environment. Fluent in English is essential.
- Work in a dynamic environment and be a bridge between IT and market communication to be able to successfully communicate with all stakeholders and task appropriately.
- Great at working together in a team as well as leading it.
- Familiar with HTML, json, MS office etc. as well as the functional relations between, apps portals and platforms.

What we offer you at ALTEN
Every employee is equally valuable in the success of ALTEN! We are driven by making people grow and develop, which is why we offer you the opportunity to work with what you are truly passionate about. At ALTEN, we have a broad range of assignments at most of the leading companies in Sweden in several different sectors, to make it possible for your wishes to come true. We offer both national and international opportunities and together with your coaching manager, you build your career path so you constantly are able to develop and achieve your goals and dreams!
As a consultant at ALTEN, you will get the genuine team feeling at your assignment but also a wonderful togetherness at ALTEN. Through our different internal networks, such as ALTEN Sports, Women@ALTEN and ALTEN Innovation you will get the opportunity to drive topics and activities that are close to your heart, together with your colleagues. All activities are of course optional. Work life balance is our top priority. We also have a collective agreement and other benefits like Pension, Insurances and Wellness grants.
We believe in growing together!

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