Personality / Commitment

Do you want to contribute to the quality of the electricity systems for the vehicles of tomorrow? Are you a person that wants to operate in an environment where you can grow both professionally and personally? Do you want to work at a fast-growing company with an international atmosphere? ALTEN can offer them all so apply today!

Our Embedded Systems Division is growing and is now looking for a Diagnostic Engineer. As a Diagnostics Engineer it is required that, you have experience from Automotive Diagnostics. Your role will be to guide and support Software Developers and ECU Developers with the documentation in the creation of diagnostic objects and aftermarket tools. Your performance in this role will help the electricity systems to function properly for the vehicles of the future. It is important for you to have an eye for details and good way of communicating. Because you must be able to question others work, enforce rules and a way of thinking to your co-workers. You will work in a team at our customer, but you will still have a close contact with your manager at the ALTEN headquarters.

The leadership and environment at ALTEN is aimed at helping our co-workers develop both professionally and personally during your career. You will together with your manager get the chance to set up goals for your career and get the help you need to reach them. We also encourage our co-workers to take the initiative themselves towards developing on your own. We help with this through ALTEN Academy that arranges courses for free which can be aimed at learning a new programming language to cardiopulmonary resuscitation to interview techniques and the list goes on.

Great emphasis will be put on your personal qualities, we value the ability to act professionally as well as understanding our customer’s goals and values. You shall be positive, outgoing, driven and possess the ability to create and maintain long-standing relationship with our customers.

” I’m so pleased I chose to start my career at ALTEN. Here I get the chance to evolve through a variety of projects and because I meet people from different parts of the world. Even if we consultants are placed at different customers I do feel a strong unity with my colleagues at ALTEN.” – Quote from ALTEN employee.

Job / Skills

We belive you have:

- Relevant M.Sc. or B.Sc.

- Experience from Automotive Industry is meritorious.

- Good analytical skills.

- Service minded.

- Good at writing documents and guidelines.

About ALTEN:

Line of business? Technology-and IT consultants.

Size? Globally around 28 000 employees. In Sweden around 1 800 employees.

Customers? Energy, Telecom, Automotive, Defense & Aerospace, Life Science and Industry.

Why should you choose us? To use, harness and evolve your skills while meeting great new colleagues!

Working at ALTEN is a journey, a personal- and career-oriented journey where you yourself as a consultant is the driver behind the wheels while we sit in the backseat to help and give advice when you need it. As a consultant at ALTEN you yourself decide your goals and which road to take to reach them and we as a company will do what we can to create opportunities and guide you.

At ALTEN we believe in growing together!

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