Eastern US


*Move concepts into production. Choose proper implementation for the concept.

*To create assembly instructions well integrated with the product development team to ensure manufacturability.

*Design manufacturing aids and educate manufacturing staff.

*Help to identify and correct build structure specifications. Change control of product/parts up to serial production starts.

*Work with cross functional teams.

*Coordinate the engineering and acquisition of tools and equipment need for new product with process efficiency in mind.

*Manage scheduling and execution of project builds.

*Drives continuous improvement by reducing part numbers, inventory and avoiding rework, scrap and warranty costs.

*Promotes manufacturing safety and efficiency through implementation of method/process change, ergonomic application and safety awareness.

*Ensure compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

*Ability to learn custom software applications, especially relating to data management.


*B.Sc. Degree (Master’s preferred) in Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical or Biomedical Engineering, or the equivalent combination of education and experience.

*Several years of applicable progressive engineering experience. Required experience depending on the seniority level of the specific position:

-Junior: 1-3 years

-Intermediate: 3-8 years

-Senior: 8+ years

*Basic understanding of metal cutting machining practices and methods.

*Extensive knowledge of engineering concepts, manufacturing, the product, production standards and efficiency optimization tools; process oriented.

*Proven ability to react to issues impacting production with a sense of urgency, promptly assessing the issue and developing a feasible action plan and following it through to successful completion

*Knowledge of Six Sigma and/or Kaizen methods.

*Ability to use and apply statistical methods to aid with process analysis (risk filters, FMEAs, process/machine capability).

*Programming and application knowledge (C++, testing platforms etc)

*Knowledge of one of the major CAD (Computer Aided Design) packages is preferred.

*Automotive or Aerospace experience is preferred but not required.

*Good understanding of geometrical tolerances.

*Very good knowledge of English, spoken and written.

*Ability to communicate with customers and represent Xdin in a professional manner.


Xdin’s business concept is based on our values to develop and deliver the right skills to our clients in a variety of fields. To match the right skills for the right assignment the employee is involved in choosing his or her own assignment. In this way, we ensure that the client is comfortable with what we deliver and you are confident in the work that you do. Even if consultant assignments/contracts might change over time it is still Xdin’s target to keep long relationships with our employees. In order to support this we offer several different employment models with;

* Competitive wages, depending on experience.

* Major health and dental insurance benefits.

* Supplemental insurances such as disability and life.

* Paid holidays and earned time off.

* Individual competence development and career plans


Xdin Inc. was founded in Virginia Beach VA in 1997, where it still has its headquarters. We now also have a regional office in Greensboro NC. Today we have many experienced engineers supporting customers in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Our highly committed employees are active within mechanical and electrical engineering, IT support, training, testing and project management.

We are a fast-growing company with customers primarily within the automotive, energy, aerospace and oil & gas industries. Our customer satisfaction index scores 3.5 out of 4 and the employee satisfaction index is 95%. Xdin belongs to the international Alten Group, a European leader in technology consulting and engineering with 15,750 employees in 14 countries.

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