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More and more of our customers are discovering the benefits of work package solutions, as opposed to traditional hour-based billing. With the broad portfolio of services that ALTEN offers we can tailor work package commitments for the full range of areas within product development, from conception to completion.

Work packages will provide your company with:

  • Improved control of development costs since the team size will always be optimized to match the project needs.
  • The ability to effectively control large fluctuations in the resource pool.
  • More time to focus on strategic questions, as ALTEN ensures that your project always has the appropriate resources.
  • Increased productivity through the use of ALTEN’s internal project process.

In 2015, work packages represented 28% of ALTEN’s engineering services in Sweden. ALTEN’s goal is to increase this number to 40% by 2017. There are two main factors behind this;

  • Customers continue to reduce the number of suppliers while looking for reliable partners who can deliver full work package commitments.
  • Customers are striving for productivity improvements.

At ALTEN, we have separated our services into five distinct levels of responsibility and risk sharing where work packages are represented under levels 2-5. Work packages offer a structured, multi-skilled team led by a project leader where the level of responsibility is set in consultation with the customer.


There are many reasons why the work package concept is currently the best solution for consulting services on the market. One of the strongest reasons is that the work process is far more effective when the supplier assumes responsibility for delivering results with their own staff. Time spent in meetings is reduced, the customer doesn’t have to worry about staff needs and, instead, can focus on other tasks.


Technical Department – this is how we customize your work package

To meet the needs of our customers, and to enable them to customize their work packages to fit their needs, ALTEN has developed a business unit that we call Technical Department. The Technical Department runs parallel with our main line organization and has as its primary purpose to organize our work package projects. As soon as we receive a request for a work package, the Technical Department will hand pick team members, either from our line organization or by recruiting, ensuring that we have the right competencies needed to deliver. We adapt fully to your needs and will not stop until we have a 100% match. The Technical Department uses well designed and stable processes that will guarantee quality results in line with your requirements.

Both in-house and on-site.

Responsiveness is one of ALTEN’s core values and this will naturally be reflected in our work package solutions. You as a customer have the option to decide if the work should be performed at ALTEN, at your facility within your organization or a mix of both.


Involve, deliver

At ALTEN, working agile is something that we do every day. We’re used to quickly adapting to project needs. This lets us work proactively instead of just reacting to project changes.

We continuously monitor any increases in project complexity. Bigger projects with moving goals also make it harder to stick to the game plan. That’s why there sometimes is no other option than to work agile in order to get the job done. The key to success is to work closely with the customer, to be transparent and to deliver according to the project plan.

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