System and Application Development

We are more connected now than ever before. For our customers this offers new opportunities with mobile solutions and a variety of online systems that streamline their operations. These new solutions often need to be integrated with existing systems in order to fully utilise and fulfil the needs of the operation.

Our System and Application Development service focuses on developing our customers’ operational and business systems. Our expertise stretches from requirements analysis, interactive and systems design to integration and user experience. This broad sphere enables us to help you at all stages of the system development process. We work cross-platform and strive to provide more effective solutions leading to better return on investment for our customers.

From concept to solution

Most of our time is spent developing mobile solutions. For example, we develop apps for iOS, Android, Html and Windows phone, as well as some hybrid solutions. We enter as early as the concept development stage where we sketch a solution using storyboards. Thereafter we work according to the Agile approach with development, testing and implementation followed by administration and system support. Many of our customers prefer the systems delivered as a cloud service. Over and above the main project, we will also contribute with human resources wherever the need arises for our specialist expertise. Our project managers are PMP certified and our testing team are all ISTQB certified.

Flexibility is our strength

Given the choice we gladly adopt the Agile approach for our inhouse assignments. This means that we work iteratively with our customers, thus making evaluation of the work an ongoing process. The advantage of this approach is that it facilitates rapid change should the need arise or the customer so desire. All our consultants are Scrum certified. We are used to handling suggestions from our customers’ business organisations and turning them into proposals, often with the backing of their IT departments with regard to communication, operation and security.

Areas of Expertise

Agile Development and Testing Methods (XP, Scrum) Software Architecture System Development (Java, Java Script C++, C#, C, .Net, iOS, Android, Html, Windows Phone, etc.) Application Development Software Platforms Cloud Solutions Testing System Development Database Development


Roller; Systems and Web Developers, System and Enterprise Architects, System Designers, Interaction Designers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Test Leaders, Testers, Administration Managers, Incident Managers, Configuration Managers, DBA

Number of Consultants

Roughly 100 in Sweden, 3,000 worldwide.


Telecom, Energy, Vehicles, Defence, Bank & Finance, Process Industry, Public Sector and other industries.


Telia, Fortum, VCG, AB Volvo, SCA, Nordea, Ericsson, Saab, SKL, VGR, Malmö local authority, Social Insurance Office, The National Courts Administration