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Technical challenges

Sweden and the whole world is facing major challenges with an aging population and an increased demand for care, which creates a breeding ground for intense innovation within Life Science including medicine, biotechnology and medical technology. The medical device industry is a crucial part of the solution and it is important that we take advantage of the opportunities that innovative medical technology can offer. A product that helps the patient to recover faster and spend less time in hospital not only reduces patient suffering but saves nursing staff time and is a better solution for the society. Obviously, it is also important with all new methods being developed to improve diagnosis, treatment efficiency and to support the disabled.

Sweden has since long been pioneering innovative medical solutions in health care. We are proud to present Swedish inventions as the pacemaker, the gamma knife, bone-anchored hearing aids, innovative radiation dose measurement techniques just to highlight a few. The basis for this success has included good collaboration between biomedical engineering companies, health care and academia. We at ALTEN act in all these spheres and have a strong network within academia and healthcare. We work with businesses across the spectrum from sole proprietorships to our major Swedish flagships Getinge and SCA.

Sweden Life Science market has great potential. By figures our country represent only about 0.5% of the global biomedical engineering market, but Swedish biomed companies account for about four percent of global sales. The industry includes about 1,500 companies with a total of about 40 000 employees in Sweden. Globally, the industry is growing by 5.4% annually.

ALTEN added value

Alten Sweden has a long history of product development in a variety of industries, and we have provided specialist competence pushing the development forward with great strides in the medical field. In 2015 Hotswap was welcomed into the ALTEN family and together we argue with good reason that we are Sweden’s strongest provider of product development in medical technology. In the rest of Europe, we are also a strong partner when it comes to clinical trials of drugs as well as medical devices.

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Our consultants deliver specialist services in simulation and modeling of bone structures and soft tissue, flow and heat transmission. We have developed equipment from user study to finished products that include mechanical, electronic, software and communications engineering; all in accordance with the requirements of the development of medical devices. We help to structure the processes and quality assurance documentation, and we have many consultants with long experience in equipment for the clinical environment.

Primary Areas

Intensive care, radiation dose measurement, dialysis, hearing aids, wound care, incontinence care, fetal monitoring, connected devices, combination products.

Specialist areas

Quality system MDD, QSR, Design, Engineering, Embedded Systems, Test & Verification, Requirements, Calculation, Simulation and Project Management.


SCA, Getinge, GE Healthcare, Baxter, Ascom, Raysafe, Cochlear, Mölnlycke Healthcare, APL, AstraZeneca, Dentsply

The technology

range of services

ALTEN offers different service levels to provide the best response to clients’ needs