Defence & Aerospace

6.5%of revenue
in 2017

Using cutting edge technology we help our customers to improve their efficiency and profitability. The ALTEN Group has lengthy experience of the industry and 3,500 engineers who help to keep our customers at the forefront of developments.

Our Defence & Aerospace service specialises in everything from the programming of embedded systems and control systems to mechanical engineering, verification and project management. Assignments are carried out both in-house and onsite, everything from turnkey solutions to onsite resourcing.

This service is undergoing rapid growth within Alten thanks to our ability to stay at the forefront of technological developments. This is largely due to the collaboration between our various offices dotted around Europe.

We have, for example, a general contract with the Saab Group and are looking to build long-term relationships with our customers. We have a quality assurance policy that guarantees on-time delivery and quality in all our assignments.

Primary areas

Aviation, Defence, Aerospace.

Specialist areas

System & Application Development, Product Development, Analysis & Simulation, Customised Security Solutions, Development of Hardware and Software Systems, Compatibility between Existing and Modern Technologies.


The Saab Group, Kockums, FOI, Vinghög, BAE Systems.

The technology

range of services

ALTEN offers different service levels to provide the best response to clients’ needs