The Business Model

Commitment gives freedom

If there’s one thing we at ALTEN value it’s the individual freedom of choice. Here you can choose your own assignments, benefits, salary and further education courses. We are convinced that genuine commitment is created through the possibility of influencing one’s own situation and personal development. The Alten model gives you that opportunity. It guarantees that we can offer the most driven consultants, regardless of the assignment. Everything is based on our common philosophy that “Satisfied employee + Satisfied customer = Profitability”. Surveys indicate that we’re on the right track: our Satisfied Customer Index is 3.5 out of 4.0, and our Satisfied Employee Index is 87%.

The challenge is up to you

As an ALTEN employee you get to choose where you want to work or when it’s time for new challenging projects. Depending on expertise, career plan or changes to your personal circumstances, there may be a reason for choosing you next challenging assignment.

Freedom of choice

At ALTEN you can choose between salary and other benefits. Maybe you prefer to have a higher cash salary rather than a company car, or you may want to take out eight weeks vacation. Other popular choices include pension fund contribution, insurances, a gym subscription, healthcare profile, a personal coach or external further education and training not included in our standard offering.

Performance-linked salary

Our performance-based salary models create commitment. In combination with the security of a permanent position this has contributed to our strong growth and our high Contented Customer Index.

Development of expertise

Each year all of our employees can choose from a number of further education and training courses, and what sets us aside from many other companies is that it is the individual employee who gets to decide what they do and not the boss.

In the end it’s all about enjoying being at work

With a health attendance of 98% we are convinced that our Alten Model creates the participation and commitment to make you feel at home and to want to exceed the customers’ expectations.

Your career

Is ALTEN your next career step? Read about how we can give you what you are looking for!